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What is Edge Cowork?

We are a smart cowork that designs beautiful workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers and innovative organizations. Edge is more than just a desk. Edge is a talented community of professionals who believe in elevating their work to the next level.

What is our mission?

We believe that people are looking to improve the quality of their lives by getting more out of their work day. People are looking for more in control, greater autonomy and to experience more flexibility. But at the same time, people demand meaningful connection with others.

We exist to provide people with the infrastructure and platform that they need to do their very best work, and to forge new relationships along the way. Our mission is to elevate the standard of work.

What kind of members work at Edge?

Edge has a diverse community made up of entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, startups, universities, venture capital funds, startup accelerators and R&D and innovation teams of large companies. Also, Edge has a very international community with over 15 nationalities.

What makes edge diferent?

At Edge we are constantly thinking about how to make our workspace more smart: from the technology we use to the practices we put in place. We have developed an app that allows our members to take more control of their work day. We have electronic stand-up desks, iBeacons, smart lighting, smart refrigerators, car sharing, and much more. However, we believe that being a Smart Cowork is more than just the latest technology, it is about improving the way we live and interact with each other in big cities. This is why we actively host events, work with universities and companies to build the local community.

Board of Directors

Nils Lindeen

Nils Lindeen

Nils is an Environmental Civil Engineer with a Masters in Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and has more than 8 years of experience developing and managing renewable energy projects. He has also participated in various startups both as a partner or advisor, including Claneco, Karün Shades, Costa Sur, Celebraciones con Sentido, Pipeño Mesa Chilena and Energía Cordillera. As cofounder of Edge Cowork, Nils leads the administration and finance of the company and is also responsible for the development of new cowork locations.
Nils loves to enjoy life, good food, and is extremely active in outdoor sports. He was born in the United States, his mother is from Peru and his father from Sweden, but has lived in Chile since he was 8 years old. He is restless, positive, and constantly thinking about how to improve the world and change the selfish attitude of current society.
Diego Morales

Diego Morales

@Diego Morales
Diego has worked in the tech and startup world for the last 6 years. He was the Sales & Marketing VP at Prey, where he oversaw marketing and sales for one of the most innovative and fast growing Chilean startups. He then moved to Start-Up Chile to lead the marketing team. Afterwards, he founded Bamboo Hack, a growth hacking agency, where he works should to shoulder with startups and medium sized companies to develop and implement digital growth strategies.
Throughout out his career, Diego has shown a strong interest and passion for technology, which is the area he currently leads at Edge Cowork. He also teaches a class in Universidad del Desarrollo on digital marketing for startups. He loves sport, considers himself an amateur runner, speaks two languages and has lived in more than 7 countries.
Luke Ball

Luke Ball

@Luke Ball
Luke is from Christchurch, New Zealand and has spent the last 5 years in Santiago building the startup ecosystem. Currently he leads the ops and sales team at Edge Cowork. Prior to founding Edge Cowork, Luke ran the acceleration program at Start-Up Chile, a government backed accelerator that has supported more than 1,000 companies from 75+ countries. As Director of Acceleration & Experience and then Assistant Director, he oversaw investor relations, corporate business development and the day-to-day hustle of helping companies grow. Luke is a passionate writer, speaker and storyteller. He teaches classes on Storytelling and Public Speaking at Universidad del Desarrollo and he created Relatos Urbanos, a stand-up storytelling event which he runs monthly in Santiago. He loves building programs and products with a focus on people. Other roles include Biz Dev, Strategy and Product in companies small and large.
Luke has lived in 4+ countries and speaks English, Spanish and Korean. He currently resides in Santiago, Chile with his wife and two daughters.
Diego Grove

Diego Grove

@Diego Grove
Diego is passionate about entrepreneurship is convinced that investing in innovative companies is fundamental for a sustainable future. Previous roles include managing an international investment portfolio for MGV Investments with a core focus in developing markets in Latin America. Diego is an extremely disciplined value investor who focuses first on building and maintaining relationships.
As a serial entrepreneur, Diego has cofounded various companies in different industries, including restaurants, real estate and financial services. He is passionate about sports and is a former rugby player, runner, amateur surfer, traveler and food fanatic. Currently Diego is completing an MBA in MIT Sloan with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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