Improving the productivity of large companies

Want to inspire your employees and get them out of the corporate box? This plans does exactly that. Our corporate plan was designed to give your employees flexible access to our collaborative work spaces, providing them with a fresh and unique work environment. Your employees will not only be grateful for the trust, but they will also meet new people and generate high-potential ideas.

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Our goal is to increase your quality of life

Many workers spend a significant amount of time commuting to work every day. What if there was a place closer to home where you could work? We believe that being a Smart Cowork is more than just the latest technology, it is about improving the way we live and interact with each other in big cities.

Remote working has never been easier

How does this plan work? It’s simple. First, tell us who in your company is lucky enough to work from one of our locations. You can choose how many days a month they can access the cowork and also what type of workstation they will have. This plan also includes the option to book our meeting rooms for team meetings or retreats.

Adapt as your needs change

This plan is completely customizable. Need more meeting hours? No problem. Need to include additional people or drop the number of days? Easy. This plan adapts to your needs as a company. You can pay monthly or annually, whatever works best for your current situation.

The Corporate Plan includes

Stable, high-speed internet with a 1:1 dedicated network of 100MB
Unlimited tea, purified water and quality roasted coffee
Comfortable, high-quality tables with built-in power outlets for computers and phones
Common areas to work, relax and receive guests
Private phone booths for uninterrupted focus, 1-1 meetings and important calls.
Access to meeting rooms and lounges
Color printers and scanners
Smart & secure access to building
Onsite Office Manager during working hours
Daily cleaning services
Lockers and bike parking
Guest car parking subject to availability
Access to Edge events

Additional services

Reception of mail and packages
Breakfast and lunch ordered to meeting room
Car parking (subject to availability)
Storage rooms for merchandising and other products
Event space